House Rules

Dear Guest

The following information regulates the contractual relationship between you, as a hirer of our holiday homes and SH Grundstücks GmbH & Co. KG as landlord.

Each occupancy period- by agreement only


All of our holiday homes are non smoking

House Rules
We politely request that you avoid any noise which could cause disturbance, especially before 06.00 and after 22.00. The entrance door is to be locked between 20.00 and 06.00, in any case always when leaving the property. Please do not enter the living rooms or bedrooms with high heels or dirty outdoor shoes and please keep windows locked when you are out.

No commercial activities are permitted in the holiday home without express permission of the landlord.

Contravention may lead to instant cancellation of the hire agreement without compensation.

Property Rights
Under certain circumstances (e.g. broken water pipe etc), it may be necessary for the landlord to enter the property without the knowledge of the guest.

Guest Reception Contract
A contract is concluded as soon as a holiday home is booked, agreed and the deposit paid. For the landlord the reservation is firstly binding after dispatch of the booking confirmation and receipt of the advance deposit. The handing over of keys is agreed individually in each case. As applicant you expressly declare that you are responsible for other persons in your party. The hired holiday home may only be occupied by the persons named on the booking confirmation.

Minimum Stay
The minimum stay is 2 nights

Payment of hire charges
After receipt of the booking confirmation, we request that you immediately pay 20% of the total hire charge, in any case a minimum of €65.The remaining amount including security deposit should be transferred to our account at the latest 30 days before commencement of the hiring period. Should the holiday home booking firstly be made short term, then upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the total hire payment is to be transferred to our account immediately or paid in cash on arrival.

We cannot accept cash payments by credit card, EC card or cheque.

Times of arrival and Departure
Occupancy commences from 15.00 on day of arrival and the property must be vacated by 10.30 on day of departure.
Please call us again before your arrival to arrange handover of keys.

Should the hirer cancel the hire contract before commencement of the hiring period, without naming a replacement hirer who assumes the same conditions, then compensation is to be paid to the landlord calculated by separate charges as a portion of the hire charge as follows, in as far as other hire of the property is not possible:

Until 49 days before begin of hire 10% of hire charge
Until 35 days before begin of hire 30% of hire charge
Until 21 days before begin of hire 60% of hire charge
Until 14 days before begin of hire 90% of hire charge
Less than 14 days before begin of hire 100% of hire charge

Nevertheless the landlord will strive to hire out the holiday home to another hirer.

The hirer may at any time prove a lesser damage

Should the hirer break off his/her stay prematurely, then he/she remains obligated to pay the full hire price.

Cancellation must be made in writing. The day of receipt of the cancellation by the landlord is the applicable date.

We advise taking out travel cancellation insurance.

Price Reduction
With regard to short term outage of holiday home equipment, of public utilities, of force majeure, there is no claim for a price reduction on the part of the hirer. Any defect in the property is to be reported to the landlord (or his representative) without delay. The guest accords the landlord a period of 36 hours to eliminate the defect. Later complaints will not be accepted and cannot be deducted from the hire charge.

Short term outage of equipment, as well as any kind of damage that the landlord has not caused does not render the landlord liable. A price reduction is excluded. Changes in the holiday home are at the discretion of the landlord.

Termination of the hiring period
The holiday home must be left in a clean and tidy condition. The bins must be emptied. Crockery, cooker, coffee maker, pots, pans etc. should also be left clean. The hirer will find various consumer materials, such as filter bags, cleaning materials, toilet paper. The guest is liable for damage caused to the property in its entirety during his occupancy. Blatant or repeated contraventions of the house rules or an over occupancy entitles the landlord to immediately cancel the contract with no claim for refund by the hirer. Non vacation of the property by the guest amounts to trespassing. The landlord is entitled to enter the holiday home as necessary. The landlord accepts no liability for loss of valuables. The use of the property, stairs, equipment etc. is at the hirer’s own risk.

Severability clause
Should one of the above-mentioned hire conditions be invalid, then this shall be replaced by one that best approximates it. The other conditions are unaffected by this and remain valid.

We request you to file any complaint immediately after arrival.
Should anything be unacceptable to you, then please do not hesitate to call me.
H. Rotthoff, Mobile. 0171/93 53 236

I wish you a pleasant stay in our holiday home and in the BUGA town of Coblenz.